Our Approach

Holistic plans for you and your family

Our goal at New Leaf Clinic is to provide a warm and nurturing environment where parents can feel supported as we join together to discover your child’s strengths and challenges.


Assessment services at New Leaf Clinic focus on gaining a holistic understanding of our children and adolescent clients. We strive to identify cognitive, academic, behavioral, social, and emotional factors that may be inhibiting a child or adolescent’s optimal level of functioning. We then work together with the family to understand the client’s unique make-up and facilitate change.


Team-based Approach

NL_2015_SupervisionWe take a team approach to our psycho-educational evaluations. Although you will receive regular communication from either Dr. Dougherty or Dr. McClung, both counselors will be involved in the administration, scoring, interpretation, and writing of your child’s report. Our experiences with your child on the day of testing, along with our extensive and varied experiences with assessment and counseling allow us to process your child’s results with great effectiveness and efficiency. Our two unique perspectives are helpful as we strive to balance the art and science of psycho-educational evaluations and provide you with a thorough and useful interpretation of your child’s strengths and challenges. We draft high quality reports that clearly outline your child’s scores and provide a parent friendly summary of results and specific recommendations for any necessary remediation or accommodation plans.

We are genuinely passionate about helping children and families. However, we are aware that asking for help is something that creates anxiety, fear, and vulnerability in parents. We believe that in order to create change, we must first focus on developing a good relationship with our clients and their parents. We know that when parents feel understood and accepted, they tend to share information that is essential to helping us gain an accurate picture of their child’s strengths and challenges and are open to receiving our feedback. When children feel understood and accepted, they feel less anxious about the testing process and perform to the best of their abilities on the assessments.

We’re here to help you find answers.