Psycho-educational Assessment

Some children and adolescents breeze through their academic careers with seemingly little to no effort. Most hit a few bumps along the way and need extra help at various times or in certain subjects. Others just have a hard time…and they become very discouraged…and start to hate school. And homework battles ensue.

Parents become frustrated and feel helpless because no one seems to be able to figure out WHY this is happening. Nothing makes sense because there seems to be no common denominator. And parents just want something to be easy for their children…just once. We can help.

With our extensive psycho-educational assessment battery we will thoroughly investigate your child’s unique abilities, aptitudes, learning preferences, self-concept, personality, behavior preferences, and relationships. The following assessment list is representative of our full battery. Each battery will be tailored to your child based on their age and presenting concerns. Our process will assess for a wide range of learning differences including Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Disorders of Oral Language, and complications of learning, including ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

The Assessment Process

1. Request an Appointment

You may contact the counselors directly with your questions and concerns about scheduling an appointment and the assessment process itself.  Please submit a request for an appointment – click here to begin

2. Counselor Will Contact You

Dr. Tracy McClung or Dr. Jenny Dougherty will respond to your initial inquiry within 2 business days to discuss the assessment process with you and to schedule your child for an assessment.

3. Attend a Parent Interview

This interview will last approximately one and a half hours. We request both parents/guardians attend. This interview provides your counselor with a complete developmental history of your child and each parent/guardian’s specific concerns regarding the child’s behavior.

Please bring the following to the Parent Interview:

  • Non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total assessment fee 
  • Copies (not originals) of any ARD documents from your child’s school
  • Copies (not originals) of any previous assessment results
  • List of all medications and dosages your child is currently taking
  • Copy of divorce decree if parents are divorced
  • Completed Child Background Information Form – download form (PDF)
  • Signed copy of the Informed Consent For Assessment Form – download form (PDF)
  • Your copy of the Privacy Practice and Informed Consent Form – download form (PDF)

4. Assessment Day

Bring completed parent and teacher assessments provided to you during the Parent Interview.  Please arrive at the office by 8:15am.  Testing will begin at 8:30am, unless otherwise specified by your counselor.  On-site school assessment administrations begin at 8am.

  • Please provide a healthy snack and drink for your child
  • Lunch will be from approximately 12-1pm, or during your child’s regularly scheduled lunch time if he or she is being tested at school.
  • Although the exact length of time required for the psycho-education evaluation is different for every child, we typically finish between 3 and 4pm.

5. Attend Parent/Guardian Feedback

A Feedback Session will be scheduled at the time of the Parent Interview. We strongly request both parents/guardians attend. Feedback will include a verbal explanation of all scores, a summary of the findings, academic and home recommendations, and 3 original hardcopies of the report.  This feedback session will occur approximately 2 weeks after the assessments have been administered.


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